Marie just loves to cook. I never saw anyone so great in the kitchen and without a recipe book, or even a measuring jug and weigh scales. She does it intuitively and the results are breathtaking. I ate everything she produced for this cookbook and I did not gain an ounce. I loved it all, every recipe and every morsel. The fruit bars beat hands down any protein bar on the market for flavor and appearance. I begged her to make more, then more

 David Bradley

If you want something that will inspire you to eat clean and have fun doing it you need to read this book. Marie has always been the type of person to excel in the kitchen. As a kid eating veggies was really not my thing, but Marie always found a way to make healthy taste too good. Marie continues to inspire my diet 22 years later and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Fallon Joseph ( baby sister )

I’m not a fan of writing reviews however, I was so impressed with the cremas (a delicious coconut drink) my wife and I received from Marie for the holidays. It was a must talk about experience. I’ve tasted cremas over the years but there was always something missing with the taste. When we tried Marie’s bottle we were shocked by how amazing it was; so we took a few sips to savor the taste. My wife is extremely picky, but made it a point that we only drink the Cremas on special occasions. With that being said it lasted us nearly a year. Marie doesn’t only cook or make recipes for fun, she genuinely puts her passion and love into it and you can literally taste it. I know the Cremas may not be 100% healthy for you, but if she comes out with a cheat meal edition of her book, the Cremas recipe is a must. LOL

Rob Dorvil

Marie’s cooking is so creative, colorful and robustly full of flavor! I left the table wanting and craving more of her delicious nutrient dense dishes. She knows how to pair the right spices with the perfect core ingredients. Her food will delight even the pickiest eater’s.

Michelle Barnes