Dieting Deliciously, Hardcopy

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For those who prefer to have the authentic feel of a book, get your hardcopy today!


7 reviews for Dieting Deliciously, Hardcopy

  1. Sasha

    Easy to follow, tasty, healthy recipes! I am a visual person, so I really enjoy all the photos that accompany the recipes. I highly recommend this cook book to anyone, not just a heath nut connoisseur!

  2. David Bradley

    I love this book, easy to follow and awesome photos. The recipes are off the charts, the food tastes just great, cannot believe so much flavor and this stuff is healthy at the same time! Incredible achievement Marie, can’t wait for the next volume.

  3. Joe Vivens Day

    One of the best and easiest way to feed yourself and family .This cook book take the cake . The recipes are delicious . You can create your own five star or five diamond experience in your kitchen . I m delighted !!

  4. Britton Costa

    This book is fantastic for those who want to eat healthy and have great taste at the same time. The book is filled with vibrant colors and very simple instructions to prepare these meals! So many great variety’s of dishes as well! Highly suggested and recommended for anyone who wants to eat top notch and stay physically fit!

  5. Will Armijo

    Convenient, realistic, and fun. Everything you always hope to find in a cool book and never do! This one DELIVERED 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • admin (verified owner)

      thank you

  6. Paul T Fazio

    I bought the hard copy book and I can’t tell you how enticing all 25 Recipies are on each page.The pictures are so vividly colorful and Marie made it so easy to follow her step by step process.This Definitely is a book for those that want to stay healthy and fit.

  7. Rachel Lucosky

    This cook book is great! Easy to follow and has pictures to go along! If you’re looking for good food and healthy food this is the book for you!

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